WATCH: Massive sinkhole opens up on Rawdon's main road


The main road running through the town of Rawdon, in the Lanaudière region, collapsed on Tuesday morning.

A huge sinkhole opened up on a section of Queen St. between 17th and 18th avenues sometime in the early morning hours.

No one was hurt, but the area is near a school, and school buses regularly use the road. 

Rawdon mayor Bruno Guilbault says there had been inspections conducted in the area because of the large amounts of spring runoff water that's been flooding the area over the past few weeks.

“An inspection was made last night,” said Guilbault. “It happens sometimes. We don’t know exactly what happened, if it was the rain, or the snow thaw. We don’t know.”

City engineers are on the scene evaluating the damage, and are rerouting cars.

Like in many other places across the province, it appears their water collection system wasn't able to deal with the volume of rainwater and melting snow we've been seeing this spring.


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