Looking for parking in Montreal? There's an app for that

No Parking Sign

If there's one problem every Montreal has when trying to get around town, it's traffic. If there's a second problem, it's finding a place to park once you finally get there.

New sharing economy apps are looking to make your life easier, at least when it comes to parking.

Unlike parking meter sharing apps like GetPrkd, which shares unused parking meter time, CityParking or AreaParking allow Montrealers with personal parking spaces the opportunity to make some money by renting them out in a organized fashion.

"It became hard to schedule who's going to use it when," CityParking designer Amin Dada told CTV Montreal. "Not only that, but I thought, why don't I just rent it out to these people by the hour, but there was not platform to do it."

By solving Montrealers second problem, perhaps both companies will fix the first. 

"Forty per cent of traffic is caused by people looking for parking spots, so we’re at a point where technology is trying to solve the traffic problem," said AreaParking founder Daniel Tadros.

If you're thinking of making some extra cash by filling your empty driveway or parking space, Dada said you have nothing to worry about.

"Unlike Uber, we're not taking income from anyone else," he said. "We're adding parking spots where it's badly needed and that's why the parking authority is supporting us, because meters can't be everywhere."

A spot rents for $2.00 per hour, with $0.50 going to the App Company and $1.50 going to the space owner.

CityParking and Areaparking are available for iPhone.


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