Maintenance union says STM buses routinely run out of gas

STM bus

The transit corporation is denying it, but the maintenance union says buses are routinely running out of gas while making their rounds because the Société de transport de Montréal is trying to save a few bucks.

The union tells The Gazette that because most transit buses don't have dashboard fuel gauges, their tanks used to be topped up at the end of each day.  Then, the STM decided to eliminate some fueling positions.  

Now, drivers keep track of their mileage and send buses to be tanked up only when they're due to run low.  

The maintenance union says so many buses are running out of gas while on the road that the STM's three tow trucks can't keep up, and expensive contractors have to be hired.

The STM says the new fueling policy is saving $1-million annually, but the union thinks any savings are offset by the cost of the contract tow trucks.

The STM's newer hybrid buses do have a warning light indicating when fuel is running low.