Man assaulted at popular downtown eatery


The owners of the Dunn's restaurant on Metcalfe Street in downtown Montreal are asking for the public's help.

They're looking to track down a man who appears to randomly walk into the eatery around 3 pm Monday afternoon and punch an employee in the face.

The man's wife, Robin Kligman, says she had her back turned, but heard the thump as her husband was hit in the temple.  

"He just punched him really hard in the face, in the side of the head and then ran out of the shop," Kligman told CJAD 800.

The employee who was hit was Scot Williams, Director of Operations.

Kligman says he was answering a phone call when he was attacked and she believes the phone helped break the impact.

"The guy must have hit the phone, which hit his face," she says.

Video footage shows the suspect scanning the restaurant before the incident happened and also shows the attack on the employee.

"Thankfully, we have 18 cameras in the restaurant," Kligman adds and is optimistic the footage will help track down the suspect.

Williams was released from hospital late Monday night with lacerations to his face and ear but will be okay.

"We wanted him checked out.  He is bleeding from his ear and the side of his face," says Kligman.

A police report has been filed.


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