Manslaughter trial of woman accused of stabbing boyfriend to death begins

The manslaughter trial of a woman accused of stabbing her boyfriend to death two years began on Monday.

In her opening statement, Crown prosecutor Jasmine Guillaume told the jury that 27-year-old Sabrina Rose Dufour had a toxic relationship with 24-year-old Celian Philips.

At the times of Philips' death, Dufour was living in a women's shelter, but left at night to visit the victim, despite the urging of a shelter employee to stay.

Philips lived with his mother in a one-room apartment in Mercier.

The prosecutor told the jury a neighbour heard a fight during the night but a woman told them not to call 911.

Philipes later walked out of his apartment bleeding and was brought to Santa Cabrini Hospital, where he was declared dead.

Dufour allegedly told plice “I'm the one who stabbed him, I'm a victim of domestic violence.”

But Guillaume said the relationship was violent on both sides.


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