Marc Denis: Identity crisis no more, the Habs know who they are

The Montreal Canadiens swept the Winnipeg Jets with little effort and now enter the Stanley Cup semifinals for the first time since 2013-14.

TSN 690 analyst Marc Denis said the team's ability to stay consistent and buy in to the system was what impressed him most about the Habs' performance over four days.

"With no idication, just buying in and being engaged to the level they are," said Denis. "Not much more than a month ago, we were talking about an identity crisis. Well not so much anymore. They knew exactly what they needed to do."

The Canadiens have now won seven straight games and will play the winner of the Colorado Avalanche v. Vegas Golden Knights series.

"The fact that this team has simply forgotten about the individuals here," said Denis. "The turn around happened on the shoulders of their best player: Carey Price. But it hasn't been all Carey Price here from that point on."


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