Masks to become mandatory in all public indoor spaces July 18

La Presse

Premier Francois Legault will be flanked by his Health and Transport Ministers at a news conference at Place des Arts this afternoon, where he is expected to announce that wearing a mask will be mandatory in all indoor public spaces as of next Saturday, which is also the start of the annual two-week construction holiday.

La Presse says enforcement of the new policy will be left to business owners, and those who allow people inside their store or restaurant, for example,  without a mask will face fines of between $1000 and $6000.

The newspaper says the Premier decided to act before the construction holiday because of the large number of Quebecers who are expected to travel across the regions during that period.

This morning wearing a mask became mandatory on all forms of public transit across Quebec, but there is a two week grace period before riders will be barred for not having a face covering.