Masse, Nadeau-Dubois touring Quebec after criticism for going easy on CAQ


MONTREAL -- Quebec Solidaire's spokespeople will tour the province to develop a post-pandemic recovery plan following a contentious national council.

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois and Manon Masse announced Sunday they will head into the field to feel the pulse of the population. The pair will visit long-term care facilities, schools, hospitals and businesses to find out how they are fairing on the eve of a possible second COVID-19 wave.

Nadeau-Dubois criticized the Coalition Avenir Quebec government for developing its own plan “behind closed doors.”

The co-spokespeople for QS faced a rough crowd during their party's national council the day before. Some members criticized them for being too accommodating of the CAQ government during the start of the pandemic.

Masse defended herself, saying she sided with public health and the well-being of the population in general.  


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