McGill psychiatry professor proposes curing the broken-hearted with therapy - and a pill


What if you could reduce the pain of a traumatic breakup?

That's what a McGill professor of psychiatry is proposing with his method that combines therapy and medication.

The therapy conceived by Dr. Alain Brunet may remind you of the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind where Kate Winslet's character goes through a prodedure to erase memories of her ex played by Jim Carrey who also tries it.

But Brunet said his procedure is not a movie.

"The memory is not completely wiped out," said Brunet in an interview with CJAD 800.

Brunet said they use medication - a pill -  and therapy six times over a six week period.

"We are essentially decreasing the strength of an emotional memory," said Brunet.

"At the end, the memory is still there but you've taken a traumatic memory and you've turned it into an ordinary bad memory."

And Brunet said that ordinary bad memory can fade with time and with it, the debilitating effects of it.

"Then you're able to function normally," said Brunet.

Brunet said after treating patients with PTSD, he's now conducting clinical trials for people who have gone through painful breakups and they're still looking for volunteers.

If you are interested in taking part in clinical trials or want more information: or 514-761-6131 ext. 3492.



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