Montérégie man wants answers after allegedly being roughed up by SQ following false suicide reports


A Montérégie man is questioning the tactics used by police after allegedly being roughly arrested by the SQ in 2015 following a report that he was going to take his own life - which turned out to be incorrect.

Francis Bowes said he was at home with his two-year-old granddaughter when the SQ came knocking.

"Two of them, they got their guns pointed at me, and they're yelling at me, 'Lift my arms in the air, lift my arms in the air' and I'm confused," said Bowes who reached out to CJAD 800 News via

"I'm scared basically at the time because it happened so, so fast."

Bowes said police grabbed his granddaughter from the house as he was being handcuffed while police were yelling at him, "Where are your guns?"  

Bowes said he doesn't own any weapons, something his son told police at the time when he arrived at the home after getting a call from Bowes' wife who was on the phone with her husband when the incident began.

Bowes said police told them they believed he said something at the Quebec Automobile Insurance Board office earlier that day suggesting he was going to kill himself, which Bowes said was false.

Bowes was taken to hospital and released after being seen by a doctor.

Bowes and his son said police kept repeating P38 -  formerly the Mental Health Act which protects people with possible mental health issues from hurting themselves or others.

"Essentially the police want to help you and they will force their help upon you if you don't want it because there's a danger of life, " said criminal defence lawyer Steven Slimovitch.

"We expect that our police officers will serve and protect - that protect is also to protect against yourself."

Bowes said it was an over-the-top reaction and wasn't handled right.

" 'Oh you know sir, we did our job,' but I don't think it's your job to knock on my door, put two guns in my face and arrest me without any evidence of anything," said Bowes.

The SQ won't comment while the case is set for conciliation before the Quebec Police Ethics Conmission later this week.


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