Montreal anti-racism task force parts ways with high-profile advocate

A high profile anti-racism advocate has parted ways with Montreal's anti-racism task force.

After just one year on the force, former RCMP police officer Alain Babineau has left the task force, saying he was frustrated with his role there.

Babineau told CTV News that it was more an institutional issue than a lack of desire from individual officers he met.

He said he met with some officers, who were open to listening on anti-bias training, but that he felt the department did not want to collaborate with him.

He called it disappointing.

"First and foremost, there has to be a willingness from the organization to roll up their sleeves and get involved," he said. "That was never the case."

Babineau said it took over four months to actually meet now ex-police chief Sylvain Caron after joining the force.

Babineau said he wasn't fired, but his one-year contract was not being renewed by mutual consent.

A City of Montreal spokesperson said no one would be commenting on the situation.

In reaction to Babineau parting ways with the task force, the Montreal police brotherhood said they are "not surprised," attaching a memo from last year the brotherhood sent out to all members calling Babineau an activist in no position to generate support among police.

"We respect his experience and his right to speak as an activist, even if we strongly deplore the speed with which he always jumps prematurely to the same conclusion," the letter signed by brotherhood president Yves Francoeur reads. "But it is clear that an activist who argues in the media against police officers is not well placed to attract support. A minimum appearance of impartiality would have been necessary for this position." 


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