Montreal approves online petition to reign in Publisacs


If you are tired of finding a Publisac on your front porch, the City of Montreal just approved a petition you may want to sign.

Originally created on February 25, the online petition calls on the City to ensure Publisacs or circulars are only delivered to homes that want them. Those who wish to have the flyers delivered would need to have a blue circle sticker on their mailbox.

The petition, which has support from Équiterre, Greenpeace and 11 other groups, also calls for Publisacs to ditch plastic bags in favour of paper ones that would no longer need to be separated before being tossed in the recycling bin.

Organizers said the issue is of public interest and the measures would reduce "the 500 tonnes of flyers produced weekly" and eliminate "the use of 900,000 plastic bags per week."

The third part of the petition calls on the city to better enforce applicable fines associated with the by-law.

The 90 day signature period began Wednesday. Organizers have until June 11 to obtain 15,000 signatures for the issue to become the subject of public consultations.