Montreal area, western Quebec will soon get some new area codes


In the next few years, some new area codes will be coming into the Montreal area, thanks to the continuing proliferation of cell phones.

Canada's broadcast regulator, the CRTC, says at current rates, numbers for the 514 and 438 area codes for Montreal Island will be used up by June of 2024.

A new area code, 263, has been assigned to Montreal Island, and will come into service when those numbers are used up.

Also within a few years, the 468 area code will join 819 and 873 for subscribers in western Quebec.

Meanwhile, off-island suburbs, which are now served by the 450 and 579 area codes, could get their third area code as early as this coming fall — 354.

Officials suggest each new area code will allow for the creation of about 7 million new phone numbers.

Back in 2006, when the 438 code was created, it was estimated the numbers would be used up by 2027.