Montreal boy celebrates Habs' playoff run with gigantic mural made of Rubik's Cubes

Some people show support for their favourite sports team by buying a jersey. Others paint their faces. Benjamin Russo is not some people.

The 10-year-old Montrealer has previously gone viral for his art: huge murals made entirely of Rubik's Cubes. Two years ago, his work portraying wrestler and actor John Cena gained him media attention from around the world and a shoutout from the man himself.

With the Montreal Canadiens in the midst of a playoff run that saw them knock off the favoured Toronto Maple Leafs, Russo put his considerable talent to work by making a gigantic mural depicting the logos of the Habs and Winnipeg Jets.

Photos: Melanie Brethour

The soft-spoken Russo said it took him two days to put the mural together.

“It's amazing. It's definitely a talent and a unique talent for sure,” said his mother, Melanie Brethour. “He was able to do one side. He would say 'Mom, pick a colour.' As parents, you think everything your kid does is amazing (but) he was also able to solve the cube, which blew our minds. We saw there were other mosaic artists out there.”

From there, Russo's artistic career has blossomed: after his Cena mural got spread around the Internet, Russo has become the youngest official ambassador for Rubik's Cube, as well as the only Canadian. In addition, through his work, he has helped spread awareness of dyslexia.

“He's very humble. He's got Rubik's Cube jackets and hats and he doesn't want to wear it to school. I'm like 'Buddy, you should be super proud.' And he is, but I don't think he wants to bring attention to himself.”

“The whole point of this is just to celebrate something he's so good at, whereas most people can't do this. He's severely dyslexic, so school is a challenge. We said until he hates doing this or it becomes a chore, we won't stop it. His friends think it's really cool he can solve a cube.”

As for who Benjamin believes will win the series, he replied with three simple words: “The Montreal Canadiens.” 

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