Montreal Canadiens to sell "extremely limited" digital-only merch through September

The Montreal Canadiens will sell packs of virtual merchandise starting in September (Image source:

Hockey-card collectors will soon have a reason to go digital as the Montreal Canadiens launch a series of virtual-only collectables.

The team announced the line of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) Tuesday to “celebrate the team’s run to the 2021 Stanley Cup final,” according to a news release.

NFTs have become popular in the art and collectables world because their digital makeup is one of a kind.

While screenshots can be taken and shared freely, the original remains, technically speaking, unique.

On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays through September, the team will release digital packs of buyable content.

They are expected to be “extremely limited,” with “no more than several hundred packs of digital art released at any single drop.”

The packs will be split into two categories: “base” packs will cost $25, and “rare” ones will set you back $50.

Each pack will contain four NFTs, three of which will exhibit team artwork, pictures, and commemorative game tickets from the club's 2021 postseason.

The fourth item will be a “digital game puck” holding box-score data from the team’s playoff games.

Also starting in September, people will be able to buy and sell the NFTs on an online platform.

Commonly bought and sold with cryptocurrency, the Habs’ merch will be purchasable with a standard credit card. 


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