Montreal carrot soup recalled for labelling issue

The soup was sold by Charcuterie Noël in unmarked jars until Sept. 4 (Image: CNW Group / Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food)

Health authorities are warning Montrealers not to eat a certain carrot soup sold by a company on Leger Boulevard.

The soup, sold by Charcuterie Noël in unlabelled jars, lacks a “keep refrigerated” advisory.

Unless shoppers have kept the soup refrigerated since purchase, they should throw it away, or return it to the store.

The affected units were sold until Sept. 3 in 500 milligram jars.

“Even if the affected product does not show any signs of spoilage or a suspicious odor, its consumption may represent a health risk,” read a Friday evening press release.

There have been no reported instances of sickness associated with the soup so far. 


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