Montreal companies working around the clock to meet plexiglass demand


Companies that supply and install plexiglass are in high demand as businesses have been slowly reopening - non-essential stores can start to open in the Montreal area Monday.

Gilles Hudon, manager at Piedmont Plastics in St. Laurent has been in the business for 30 years and hasn't seen anything like it - companies clamouring for plexiglass for the past three months with no end in sight.

"I did ask my inside sales people and outside sales not to take any more orders of customers we didn't have because I am booked until July," said Hudon in an interview with CJAD 800.

Hudon said they distribute the raw plastic product to installers and if you haven't ordered yet,  the waiting list is long.

"As of now, it's 26 weeks. Last week it was about 20 weeks. All manuafacturers are working 24/7," said Hudon.

Morgan Englebretsen of Advisor Shield said they and other companies have been working around the clock outfitting businesses such as dental clinics and restaurants.

"There's quite a bit of clear plastic shield action going on. We've sort of sent panels all over the place - shipped to Ottawa, to Alberta, we've done some places, of course,  around Montreal," said Englebretsen.

Englebretsen said their main business was installing foam in face shields but after seeing a demand, they started cutting and installing dividers about a month and a half ago.

"One of the things that we found challenging has been because of the urgency, the need to have the product so it's always a quick turnaround. So someone will have a big job for us - it's not like we've got three weeks to produce it. It's like, No, no, we need this in three days, four days, or one day," said Englebretsen.

Supermarkets, pharmacies and taxi companies are among the businesses that have also been ordering plexiglass shields.


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