Montreal connection to fatal Ottawa bus crash; a lot still to do in probe

Ottawa bus crash 3

Investigators of Friday's bus crash in Ottawa said they'll review all aspects of the tragedy.

Three people werekilled, 23 injured when the double decker vehicle slammed into a transit shelter just as the afternoon rush hour was starting.

The bus was removed Saturday night.

"That will be at an off-site location where officers can more carefully go through it. Obviously, there is a lot still to do in this investigation and police say that it could really take months before we know exactly what went wrong here", reported CTV's Annie Bergeron-Oliver.

One person remained in critical condition in hospital on Sunday afternoon.

Six others were listed as serious and four were considered stable.

The city bus jumped onto a platform, mowed down one person and two people were killed on board.

 An engineering professor is calling for the Transportation Safety Board to investigate the Ottawa crash.

 Ahmed Shalaby with the department of civil engineering at the University of Manitoba said the federal board should be involved in probing the deadly crash to ensure the findings are made public and recommendations are made to improve safety across the country.

Meantime, the daughter of a Montrealer was on that ill-fated bus.

Murray Levine told CJAD 800 News his daughter Karen suffered a serious leg injury. 

"She was on the 2nd level and she was several seats back from where people were really, really, injured badly and, obviously, killed", said Levine.

The roof of the shelter sheared deep into the vehicle's second deck, crushing the first seats on the upper level. 


- With files from the Canadian Press