Montreal gunman, accomplice get 8 years for shooting caught on video

Two men were sentenced to eight-and-a-half years in prison Wednesday for shooting a victim who, to this day, isn't sure why he was targeted.

Roberto Celli was shot several times in the legs in April 2019, and his life has changed drastically since then.

The terrifying attack was also caught on surveillance camera, capturing the moment the gunman fired multiple shots at close range.

Celli said he had to undergo eight surgeries and he still can’t work more than a few hours a day.

The shooting happened on Notre-Dame, in Pointe-aux-Trembles, where Celli used to manage rehearsal studio spaces.

A fake client booked an appointment at his business three years ago. When he showed up, the suspect, 23-year-old Jonathan Tshinkenke, took a pistol out and shot Celli in the legs five times.

It happened just a few feet away from a terrified elderly couple.

Tshinkenke then jumped in a getaway car driven by accomplice, Emmanuel Charbonneau.

The two men were sentenced at the Montreal courthouse after pleading guilty to charges of aggravated assault.

Justice André Vincent cited the increase in gun violence to justify the tough sentence.

"The judge mentioned it, so I think there’s a message there that the sentences need to go higher, concerning possession and use of gun violence," said prosecutor Philippe Valière-Rolland.

The defence said it hasn't decided if it will appeal the sentence.

"I’m going read it over and then decide what my opinion is on it," said defence lawyer Richard Tawil.

Even though the trial is over, Celli has no idea why he was targeted.

"It wasn't for me," Celli said. "It was for the people who I used to work for."

The convicted men are off to prison without ever having justified their actions.


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