Montreal man cleared of criminal harassment charges against Sue Montgomery

Sue Montgomery

A Montreal man has been acquitted of criminal harassment of Côté-des-Neiges/NDG borough mayor and former journalist Sue Montgomery.

Robin Edgar was charged with three counts of criminal harassment for incidents between October 2017 and August 2018, including at council meetings and public debates.

Quebec Court Judge Flavia Longo concluded that it was harassment but not criminal harassment - that the crown failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt in two instances that Montgomery feared for her safety and that there was repeated communication by Edgar.

“Women are harassed all the time. Where’s the line whether it’s criminal or not?” said a very disappointed Montgomery to reporters.

Montgomery said she still fears for her safety regarding Edgar.

“Yes! What do we do? Do we wait until there’s violence before people do things? They say he’s not violent — nor was (Quebec election night killer) Henry Bain, nor was (Polytechnique Massacre shooter) Marc Lépine,” said Montgomery.

“They’re never violent until they’re violent.”

Edgar said he doesn’t consider his actions harassment and will continue doing them, adding there’s “good harassment.”

“Public peaceful protest, I’m going to protest. Asking questions at city council meetings, I’m going to ask questions at city council meetings,” Edgar told reporters.

“Everything I am doing in terms of Sue Montgomery is perfectly legitimate.”

Edgar’s “peaceful protests” involving Montgomery date back to 1998.


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