Montreal Marathon organization returns home after 2019 tragedy and years of foreign promotion

The Montreal Marathon has decided to change organizers following the tragic death of a 24-year-old man in the 2019 marathon, and hand the reins back to the family that was part of the run's roots.

After nearly a decade, the Arsenault family who founded the Montreal Marathon in 1979 will organize the event once again.

Sebastien Arsenault Chairman of the board of directors of the Grand Prix Cyclists of Quebec and Montreal (GPCQM) will oversee the marathon. 

With the unfortunate death that occurred at the 2019 Montreal Marathon that led to the resignation of the marathon's director, the administration wanted to ensure that a medical intervention system be put in place for participants in the next event.

“Entrusting us with this great responsibility is a mark of trust and recognition,” said Arsenault. “Our priorities for the next marathon will be to ensure the safety of participants and to offer them an attractive and stimulating event.” 

The decision to let the (GPCQM) organize the event was made by non-profit sports organizations throughout Quebec and will be fully approved by the City of Montreal's executive committee on Nov. 11.

Hadrien Parizeau Associate Councillor for youth, sports and recreation, backed the decision to put the marathon in the hands of the GPCQM.

“We are confident that GPCQM will make this new edition a success. The organization has over ten years’ experience in holding the Grand Prix Cyclists of Quebec and Montreal.”

The city of Montreal will provide $460,000 to the marathon the majority of which will go towards goods and services. It is scheduled to take place in September 2021. 

An eco-responsible committee will be set up for the event, along with the presence of a medical team on site.

The development of the COVID-19 pandemic will also be factored into the event.


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