Montreal police cleaning up its internal affairs unit rocked by scandal


Montreal's police department says it's getting its internal affairs department on track in a bid to regain the public's trust after the division was rocked by allegations of fabrication of evidence over two years ago.

Police officials gave an update on the housecleaning of the department before the city's public security commission Tuesday.

The review of procedures and management within internal affairs was ordered after allegations in 2017 that investigators fabricated evidence to silence potential whistleblowers and a subsequent government report describing a disjointed, disorganized department rife with allegations of intimidation and irregularities.

The police chief and colleagues said they may have a long road ahead of them but that measures taken so far appear to be working - that includes a more transparent process with a generic email box to field complaints that are reviewed by committee; hiring more investigators; creating new job positions and more training for police and managers.

Criminal investigations involving Montreal police are still being turned over to a mixed external police squad.

An update on those investigations is expected in the next few months.