Montreal police wrangle rowdy wild turkeys shutting down traffic

Perhaps wild turkeys weren’t on your 2020 bingo card, but a flock descended through Montreal's Plateau-Mont-Royal neighbourhood on Friday, delighting onlookers and terrorizing cats.

Police say they received several calls from residents saying the 15-pound birds were blocking traffic on Saint Denis St.. 

Police herded the birds into a nearby park. 

Wild animal sightings have been on the rise since the pandemic started, not just turkeys, but also foxes and coyotes. With lockdown measures in place, this may not be the last we see of the festive birds. 

So, what should you do if you see a wild turkey in your neighbourhood?


While your first instinct might be to take out your phone for a picture, wildlife experts say that’s not the best idea. 

“Don’t go try to take 100 pictures of them and confusing them and upsetting them. Just leave them to figure out what they want to do,” said Harriet Schleifer of Urban Animal Advocates. 

Experts also say the last thing you should do is feed them. 

“Just leave them to figure out what they want to do,” said Schleifer. “They’re probably just going to decide ‘okay that’s enough of this let’s go.’”


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