Montreal quad skaters say the good times will no longer roll after the loss of another rink


Nathalie Rivard is a quad skater living in Saint-Armand, who drove an hour to the Brossard Paladium every Sunday for nearly 45 years to share her passion for dance on four wheels with hundreds of other Quebecers.

"It used to have people lined up around the block in the 1970s. That doesn't happen anymore, but we still got close to 400 skaters some weekends," she said. "The Paladium has one of the best and biggest wood floors in North America that I've ever seen."

But as of next week, that floor will be put to another use.

"It's a real shame that beautiful maple wood floor going to be covered in tables," said Rivard. "We're talking about 45 years of history gone in one day, so fast and with no fanfare."

The facility quietly opted to focus all operations on Bingo tournaments, which had already been a long-time offering.

Rivard says the only indoor skate facilities left in the area have concrete floors and are designed for skateboarders.

She says the closure of the Brossard Paladium rink could means the end of roller dance for future generations of Montrealers.

"We're all going through COVID-19, which is nothing but loss for everybody. Kids have been shut in at home for so long, and a lot of young people used to skate there too," she said. "They were the next generation of skaters, but that's gone."

The Paladium's owner would not comment of the rink's closure.


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