Montreal's outdoor markets open with COVID-19-friendly makeovers

The Atwater Market has reopened after a COVID-19 makeover.

Like the rest of the city's outdoor markets, a fence has been erected and vendors installed protective barriers to prevent overcrowding. Mandatory hand washing stations have been installed, as well as hand sanitizer dispensers.

The way sellers handle business has also changed – many will select produce for their customers to keep them from touching fruits and vegetables.

Simon Hastings of Les Serres Pinsonneault has made arrangements with some regulars to keep the crowding to a minimum.

“Our landscapers, they're able to come before the public in order to purchase flowers before the rush of customers,” he said.

At the Jean-Talon Market, some outdoor vendors were able to set up in April, but change has come to that market as well, with more space placed between kiosks.

Vendor Charles Malo-Blais said business hasn't been bad.

“There's less people in the marche but all the people that come here, they are here to busy so it's kind of the same thing, strangely,” he said.

Many vendors are no longer taking cash, to cut down on the possibility of virus transmission. Florist Myrian Binette said she won't allow the public into her shop and is only taking orders by phone with bouquets left outside for pickup.

“The customer comes here to buy, we just go 'No, call us at this number,'” she said.  


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