Montreal SPCA waives July adoption fees for senior and special needs animals


If you're looking at getting a dog or cat these days, the Montreal SPCA is encouraging you to think about adopting one at their shelter that may not be so young or spry.

It's waiving adoption fees until the end of the month for its senior animals or those with special needs.

"These are the animals that do tend to spend more time at the shelter," said Anita Kapuscinska, spokesperson for the Montreal SPCA.

"So we're just simply trying to encourage people to look twice at them."

Kapuscinska said they hope by absorbing the $75 fee that it would provide people an extra incentive. The fee includes microchipping, deworming, sterilization and first vaccine.

"It's a good deed of course - help an animal who has great potential to find a loving home who would otherwise spend more time at the shelter. These are animals who are simply looking for a retirement home, a calmer environment," said Kapuscinska in an interview with CJAD 800.

But Kapuscinska said if you choose a dog, cat or rabbit, no matter their age:

"Eventually this animal will become a senior animal and you will need to be willing to put in the extra financial resources to care for this animal," said Kapuscinska.

So far they've had 133 adoptions - 21 of them what they consider compassionate adoptions (senior animals or animals with special needs).

Every year during the summer moving day period, the Montreal SPCA takes in about 50 abandoned pets a day.




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