Montreal waking up to blowing snow and slippery roads

Car accident Jan 8

Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement for the Montreal area for Tuesday morning.

The weather agency said 10 centimetres of snow fell over Metro Montreal overnight, another two to four centimetres is still expected.

While overall amounts are nowhere close to a major snowfall, the wind is forecast to be howling (up to 60km/h) through much of the morning causing local blowing snow that is expected to reduce visibility.

Snowplows were out on highways and local streets across Montreal early overnight in an attempt clear away some of the snow for those waking up early. 

The slippery conditions were to blame for at least two accidents in Montreal overnight, one in Verdun and a second in Montreal North where a motorist lost control of their vehicle and crashed into the light post at the corner of Lacordaire and Leger. The driver suffered minor injuries; her car was fairly banged up.

According to Environment Canada, conditions will "improve" around midday. However, that doesn't mean an end to the precipitation. Temperatures will continue to rise Tuesday towards the daytime high near 3°C, which will cause the snow to change over to periods of rain or drizzle near noon.

The wet conditions are expected to continue through the evening and change back in to snow overnight, with another two to four centimetres of snow likely to fall on the way Wednesday.