Montreal woman faces Hydro power cut in smart meter dispute


Another Montrealer is fighting with Hydro-Quebec over the installation of a smart meter - and her power is set to go off today because she`s refusing it over health concerns.  

Plateau Mont-Royal resident Denise Babin said Hydro has not reassured her that the new smart meters are safe.

She told CJAD 800 via that she's even compromised and accepted for an extra charge to have a non-communicating meter that doesn't emit electromagnetic waves but only if Hydro tells her they're safe.

Hydro-Quebec spokesman Serge Tsoto told CJAD 800 that her old analog meter is expiring and must be replaced, insisting that the new meters comply to Energy Board and Health Canada standards.

Babin said that`s not good enough because they are based on industry research and she wants an independent opinion.

"It's the old David against Goliath thing happening again. People fought for getting rid of lead paint, getting rid of asbestos, we've talked about smoking for years, how industry science said there was no problem, we're not going to get sick, it's safe," said Babin 

Babin and other opponents say they are also concerned about privacy issues.

Hydro-Quebec also argues the emission rates of next-generation meters are far lower than those of most home electronics such as cell phones and microwaves. 


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