More fentanyl deaths in Montreal?

Fentanyl (Flickr)

Urgences Sante said two new drug overdoses in Montreal involving a man and a woman might be connected to the super powerful drug fentanyl.

They two were sent to hospital after being found in a car.

It happened roughly where two men were found dead a month ago under the Jacques Cartier bridge also in cars. 

The OD's come as Montreal police target fentanyl dealers, in an effort to rid streets of the drug.

Montreal police also said 3 arrests have been made and 2 east end searches were conducted Friday following overdoses in August.

Heroin and possibly fentanyl were siezed from a home in the Hochelaga-Maisonnueuve district.  

More details are expected during a news conference on Monday. 

The 3 are escheduled to be charged on Saturday via video link.