More than $28M in fines issued in Quebec during COVID-19 lockdown

More than $28 million in fines were issued in Quebec during the COVID-19 lockdown to those who were allegedly caught disobeying public health guidelines.

Thousands of tickets were handed out to people for breaking curfew or gathering during the pandemic after Quebec Premier François Legault asked police forces across the province to enforce the strict public health measures.

According to  Audrey Roy Cloutier, the Crown prosecutor's office (DPCP) spokesperson, 19,074 tickets were given to those allegedly violating Quebec's public health act between April 1, 2020 and May 31, 2021.

"The Offences and Fines Office compiles the data, which is updated periodically, twice a month," she explained.

With most penalties costing about $1,500 plus fees, the total is $28,622,850 in fines.

In Montreal alone, 6,092 tickets were issued -- more than $9.2 million.

Terrebonne and Quebec City also saw high ticket numbers, with 1,892 and 1,764, respectively.

All other municipalities in the province saw less than 1,000 tickets during the pandemic.

With thousands of outstanding tickets from those who did not enter a plea or pay before the legal deadline, Cloutier says ticket collectors wil be "responsible for executing these judgments and following up on fines due."


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