More than 6,000 women working in Quebec's construction industry in 2021

Canadian immigrant Shengnan Li is helping make inroads for the rebuilding of Quebec's largest interchange by operating an articulated dump truck. (CTV)

There were a total of 6,234 women working on a construction site in Quebec in 2021, according to data from the province's construction commission.

The preliminary data that the commission had unveiled last March showed 6,224 women, which represented 3.27 per cent of the active workforce in this industry.

In 2021, nearly 9 per cent of entries into the construction industry were by women. A record 1,933 women entered the construction industry for the first time, 670 more than in 2020, the commission said in its report.

Another 3,903 construction companies hired women that year, nearly 15 per cent of the total. Companies, labour organizations and the commission have all decided to do their part to get more women into the industry and keep them there.

The construction trades with the highest proportion of women are painters, carpenters and labourers. Electricians and plasterers follow to a lesser extent.

- This report by The Canadian Press was first published in French on June 28, 2022


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