Movers dealing with the high heat and humidity on moving day in Quebec

Moving (Flickr)

It's one thing to deal with the high heat and humidity when you're not doing much outside, but what if you're working for a moving company?

That's what those workers will have to deal with on Sunday, July 1st, the tradional moving day in Quebec.

Environment Canada is forecasting highs in the 30's on Sunday, mid to high 30's for the rest of the week.

Then, there's the humidity.

The humidex is expected to peak at 42 on Sunday, down from an earlier forecast of 47.

Josh Schwartz, with Meldrum the Mover, said what's important is providing his crews with plenty of liquids during these extreme conditions.

"It's the key for this type of weather, I mean, the heat advisory tells everybody to stay inside, we have to send men outside to actually move heavy furniture, fridges, you name it... hydration is the key", added Schwartz.   

Schwartz also said each crew, usually three to five people, will easily go through about 15 bottles of water per job, sometimes two moves in one day.

He added that doesn't include tap water.

Schwartz also pointed out moves take longer during these kinds of conditions and that customers are "pretty understanding about that".