WATCH: Nazi graffiti scrawled on a children's playset in a Plateau park

Arbeit Macht Frei

A Plateau mother says she was shocked to find a Nazi slogan scrawled in marker above a children's playset in a park.

The slogan is "arbeit macht frei" ("work will set you free" in German) — which appears at the entrances of Auschwitz and a number of other Nazi concentration camps.

At around 9:30 on Wednesday morning, Shana Cling was at Alphonse-Telesphore-Lépine park on de Gaspé Ave. with her two-year-old daughter when she noticed the slogan scrawled atop the playground equipment.

"It was really horrible...I couldn't believe I was seeing this in this neighborhood," Cling said. "This is a park where a lot of Hasidic families go. Just the fact that someone would do this at a children's park was very upsetting."

Cling wanted to call the borough, but instead, she ducked into a nearby borough office to report the graffiti. She says was pleased with the response from the borough rep she spoke with.

"He took it very seriously, and he said he was going to treat it as an urgent situation and made a phone call immediately," she said.

By early afternoon, the city still hadn't sent a crew, but some of Cling's Facebook friends had advised her to get in touch with well-known graffiti-buster Corey Fleischer, who arrived at the park by 1:30 p.m. with his power washer to clean up the mess.

Fleischer, the owner of his own graffiti-removal company called Provincial Power Washing, has made it his mission to remove hateful graffiti around the city through his Erasing Hate movement.