Netflix pleads with people not to do the 'Bird Box Challenge'


If you've been following Internet trends over the last few years or so, you probably know one thing — things that are billed as 'challenges' are usually bad news.

The Ice Bucket Challenge actually did do some good, raising money for research into ALS, but many other challenges ranged from the picayune to the downright dangerous.

At this time last year, the Tide Pod Challenge was a thing, and many people died or were hospitalized after ingesting laundry detergent in the name of gaining some measure of Internet status.

Now, Netflix is urging fans of the Sandra Bullock movie 'Bird Box' not to do a 'challenge' based on the film's plot.

The movie portrays Bullock trying to lead her children to safety while blindfolded, which prompted fans of the film to try to go around blindfolded themselves.

That prompted this tweet from the streaming service late Wednesday: