New Laval animal control laws do not include BSL

Walking Dogs

The city of Laval is updating its animal control bylaws, putting more of the onus on the owner instead of trying to regulate one specific breed.

According to the Journal de Montreal officials added new measures that increase fines and give the city more power when dealing with dangerous dogs.

The city will now be able to seize a dog that is considered at risk, force an owner to have their dog treated through various forms of training to curb aggressive behaviour, or in worst case scenarios order a dog be euthanized.

If a dog attacks another animal or a human the city will immediately launch an investigation.

An animal behaviour specialist will evaluate the dog to determine if it should be considered potentially dangerous, or dangerous.

If a dog is determined to be potentially dangerous the city will require the animal be regularly seen by a veterinarian and to pass extensive obedience training.

Should the expert deem the dog to be dangerous, the city would require it be euthanized.

In both cases fines given to the owner will be increased from their current maximum of $1,000.

Because Laval's new regulations do not focus on any specific breed, no dog is required to wear a muzzle unless it's recommended by a specialist.

Along with the new dangerous dog regulations, all dogs and cats must be licensed sterilized, micro chipped and vaccinated by 2018.


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