New network of organizations aims to help Quebec men who have been sexually assaulted


An umbrella organization aiming to help Quebec men who have been sexually assaulted has just been established.

The Regroupement des organismes québécois pour hommes agressés sexuellement (ROQHAS) was established on Oct. 29, carried forward thanks to three groups, CRIPHASE, SHASE and EMPHASE, which offer services to men who were sexually assaulted as children.

ROQHAS will allow not-for-profit communal organizations for men who were victims of sexual assault to pool their resources in order to improve their financing and better develop and adapt their services to answer their needs.

It plans to organize actions to inform people about the problems experienced by men who are sexually assaulted, and aims to break taboos and end stigmatization.

According to the group, one in ten men will be the victim of one or more sexual assault over the course of their lives in Quebec, and 90 per cent of adult men who have experienced such an attack have not gone to the police.

Additionally, being a victim of sexual aggression before the age of 16 is associated with a greater risk of various mental health issues and substance-abuse-related problems during adulthood among Quebec men.

- This report by The Canadian Press was first published Nov. 10, 2020.


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