NHL unveils retro jerseys from golden eras

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Next season, at least at some games, Montreal Canadiens players will be wearing a retro jersey that will remind fans of a glorious era for the team.

Quebec City hockey fans will also experience a bit of nostalgia as the Colorado Avalanche -- relocated from Quebec's capital city in 1995 -- will occasionally sport a version of their old jersey, too, with the famous N-shaped igloo and the fleur-de-lys.

The National Hockey League and Adidas unveiled, on Monday, the "Reverse Retro" jerseys that will be worn by the 31 teams on the circuit in 2021.

The jerseys recall unique moments in each team's history -- and they'll be wearing them during games that will remind them of rivalries. 

The Canadiens' shirt is inspired by the colour that characterized the team's first jersey in 1909 and the model worn from 1974 to 2007, during which time they won six Stanley Cups.

The number 76 on the neckline represents the year the Habs won the first of these championships and started the best season in the history of the team (1976-1977). The team then compiled a 60-8-12 record to set a points record in the NHL before winning the Stanley Cup.

As far as the Avalanche sweater is concerned, the iconic Nordiques igloo has been updated with the colours of the Avalanche -- with burgundy replacing red.


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