No charges against Laval police following man's fatal fall


The Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DPCP) announced on Tuesday that no criminal charges will be laid against Laval police after a man fell six storeys to his death in 2018.

Jeff Duhamel-Nissage died on March 29, 2018, after police raided his apartment in Laval, executing a search warrant. Officers rapidly stormed the building, according to a spokesperson for the DPCP. They cornered Duhamel-Nissage on his balcony, where he was tossing items downwards. He escaped to his neighbour's apartment and tried to climb down to a sixth-floor apartment but slipped and was declared dead on the scene. He was 36 years old. 

Officers were nearby in his apartment, but none were on the balcony with him when he fell, the spokesperson wrote in a statement. Numerous people witnessed Duhamel-Nissage's fall, he added.

The decision not to pursue criminal charges was made following an investigation by Quebec's independent bureau of investigation (BEI), the entity that investigates injuries and deaths that occur during police operations.

The DPCP declared there was no evidence police committed a crime.