'Nobody wants this.' Montreal suburb residents incensed at garbage pile up in front of homes

Residents on Lake St. in DDO are fed up with garbage piling up in bins in front of their residences. SOURCE: Tim Leggett

Tim Leggett has lived on Lake Street in Dollard-des-Ormeaux for five years, and in recent weeks, he says the town has stopped picking up recycling bins, turning a peaceful tree-lined street into a dump.

“When the bins were on the exterior of the complex, they were always emptied on Mondays and Thursdays,” said Leggett. “Now they forced them into our front yards, they don't even empty them. It's awful!"

Monique Overbeke said the bins were moved to her front yard just a few weeks ago, and that they're attracting rodents.

“We don't want rats and raccoons in our garden, they're right next door," she said. "I don't want this. Nobody wants this."

A local DDO councillor told CTV News that the city faced problems with the condo association, which it says agreed to have the bins installed on Lake Street.

As to why the bins were not emptied, the councillor blamed a human error on the part of the recycling contractor.

In a phone interview with CTV News, mayor Alex Bottauschi says the problem dates back a year, when the condo association that represents homeowners agreed to move the bins for convenience reasons, but they failed to respect the guidelines from the city.

“The bins were moved and the (garbage contractor) could not get access to it. If the bins were moved back to the positioning the city had designated in the inner courts, they would be able to reach them and service them,” said Bottauschi.

Catherine Witchell is part of the condo association and says the original locations were rejected by the homeowners

“We’re trying to do the best for our community," she said. "Make it look beautiful. We're 222 units, and the last thing we need is to have dumpsters and garbage falling out of them."

Coincidence or not, after CTV News started asking questions, the city finally showed up, and started picking up the recycling bins.

The question remains: will the trucks be back more regularly?

Locals are suspicious.

“Every time we speak to somebody about this they know about the problem, and they'll say, 'We're fed up with this problem,'" said Leggett. "We're paying our taxes but we're not getting the service we deserve. It's our neighbourhood and they’re treating it like a ghetto."

City Hall says it doesn’t want the situation to repeat itself, and promises to hold talks with the homeowners so they can find a permanent solution.


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