One-of-a-kind Quebec property listing could have you toasting your own vineyard

Want to make your own wine? Want to make lots of it? Well, Quebec grape fans rejoice, because a profitable vineyard in Lanoraie, east of Montreal, is for sale.

The listing calls it a "hobby farm" but making wine and spirits is a full time job. 

“From field to wine to drink, to glass to all the way to flask. From A-Z, everything is locally produced here by us," said co-owner Sarah Hoodspith-Carone.

Carone Vineyard and Distillery features five hectares of grapes and a 19-room property and is listed for $2.5 million dollars.

“My inlaws, being good Italians, took their Riviere-des-Prairies backyard and just did it on approximately 15-acre scale,” explained Hoodspith-Carone.

Over the years, she and her husband Anthony modernized and mechanized the processes. They also expanded the product line to include spirits, all found on

The family learned so much along the way and say, like the grapes, the vineyard takes a while to yield a return. Hoodspith-Carone cautioned any prospective buyers that “If someone's really interested in buying a vineyard, I would suggest they do look at something that is already in production with the permits already existing.”

She goes on to list the work flow.

“Remember, it's agriculture first and then a food-processing phase and then commercialization and marketing and so forth.”

The couple has learned enough to become consultants to the industry now. They say it's time for them to let another family step into this role. But, Hoodspith-Carone promised they are staying in the area of Lanoraie and will help the new owners learn the vines.

“When you drink your own wine that you produce, it's quality control. And when you drink others, it's research and development."


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