Online courses likely the new reality at Montreal-area English CEGEPs this fall


Online courses will likely be the new reality at Montreal-area English CEGEPs this fall as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact Montreal.

John Abbott College told CJAD 800 that the "plan for the fall semester is to be online as much as possible - to have a strict minimum presence on campus."

"We were the first to be ready and able to offer this semester online, and we are maintaining that momentum."

Vanier College said it has no definitive plans but that it's likely their courses will be "primarily - if not exclusively online".

Dawson said it "will be remaining mostly virtual through the summer and fall semesters."

Universities such as McGill and the Université de Montréal have also said most of their courses will be offered online this fall. 

Concordia said  they "are still in the planning stage but anticipate that most courses will be delivered online although some portions/sections such as certain labs will probably still need to be done in person. We are also looking at an online component for these, so that those who cannot come to campus can still participate. All of this is still being worked out."


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