Opposition parties want to ensure people on social assistance have the 'right to love'

Jeannette Zeltzer, 81 and her boyfriend Max Rakov, 92, holding hands. (AP Photo/Greg M. Cooper)

On the eve of Valentine's Day, opposition parties in the National Assembly joined forces on Thursday for the "right to love."

They are demanding that recipients of social assistance, whether in a couple or not, be able to live under the same roof without their benefit being reduced or cut entirely.

If two claimants currently live together, each of them will not receive their minimum amount of $680 per month, but rather a total amount of $1,049 per month.

At a news conference, the Parti québécois (PQ), Québec solidaire (QS) and the Liberal Party also denounced investigations by the Ministry of Employment and Social Solidarity and its control measures they deemed abusive.

Employment and Social Solidarity Minister Jean Boulet happened to walk nearby and listened to the testimonies delivered during the press conference.

During question period, he said that he would work with the opposition parties to examine solutions.


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