Over 55,000 Quebecers helped by Nez Rouge during holidays

La 35e campagne de l'Opération Nez rouge a débuté le 1er décembre avec plus de 2800 raccompagnements.

It was a busy holiday season for Operation Nez Rouge.

"We're very pleased with this 35th edition of Operation Red Nose," said its founder, Jean-Marie De Koninck.

This holiday season, the organization gave rides to 73,150 people across the 102 communities it serves. That's 2,000 rides more than last year.

In Quebec, they helped bring 55,720 people and their vehicles back home safely. 

They had more than 50,000 volunteers this year — over 39,000 of them were in Quebec.

The volunteers not only gave rides, but they also raised over $1.5 million. 

More than $1.1 million of that was raised in Quebec.

"We're already preparing for next year, we want people to be ready to come help us again in December 2019," Koninck said.

De Koninck founded the organization in 1984. It has since provided over 2 million rides to people looking to get themselves, and their cars, home safely after a night out.