Over half of Canadians feel normal life will not return for two years: survey


When are things going to get back to "normal"?

Though a debate could be had about what normal actually is, a new Association for Canadian Studies and Leger survey suggests half of Canadians think it will be two years before things will return to normal.

The pessimistic view is in contrast to a survey in December when the vast majority of respondents were optimistic the regular routine would return in 2021.

The most recent survey was conducted Jan. 29-31 by polling 1,559 Canadians, 49 per cent of whom (46 per cent male, 52 per cent female) said it would be two years before something closer to life before COVID-19 would return.

Thirteen per cent felt things wouldn't be back to normal for five years.

In mid-December, an ACS survey found 84 per cent of people were "optimistic" (15 per cent: very optimistic; 70 per cent: somewhat optimistic) about 2021 in light of news about an imminent vaccine rollout.

The January survey suggests those who answered in July that they expected to be able to "hug or shake hands when greeting a friend" in up to 12 months (65 per cent of respondents) would perhaps not answer the same way today.

The January ACS survey suggests the majority of Canadians are suffering from COVID-19 fatigue - or even COVID-19 anger.

Fifty-five per cent of Canadians who responded said they were upset they didn't know when the health crisis will end with Quebecers most frustrated (62 per cent). 


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