Owner of Westmount home where Leonard Cohen grew up remembers

Leonard Cohen's Westmount home

The Westmount home where Leonard Cohen grew up is another place fans have gone to following his death.

The owners of the home, who are fans, bought the house because Cohen lived there. 

"One of the previous owners had actually reported that when they moved in after the Cohens, they actually found a guitar and some sheet music. And they contacted Leonard and they said what would you like us to do with this, and he says oh just throw it in the garbage", current owner Allan Kobelansky told CTV.

"It's a very special house, you know. I'm not a musician, my wife's not a musician and somehow my kids are musicians,” added Kobelansky.

The Kobelanskys are the third family to live in the home after the Cohens, and it seems to provide some artistic inspiration: all three of the Kobelansky children are talented young musicians.

The Kobelansky's were persistent in purchasing the landmark home.

“When the house came up on the market the first time, we missed out and when it came up on the market the second time we jumped on the occasion,” said Kobelansky.

A statement says the iconic Montreal-born singer, songwriter and poet died Monday in Los Angeles and was buried after a memorial at a synagogue in Westmount. 

He was 82.


-With files from CTV News


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