P.K. Subban pays tribute to iconic Jeopardy! host (and noted Habs fan) Alex Trebek


By Adam Kovac, CTV Montreal

MONTREAL — Answer: This former Montreal Canadien had a chance to meet beloved icon Alex Trebek.

Question: Who is P.K. Subban?

The outgoing defenceman, now with the New Jersey Devils, took to his social media to pay tribute to the iconic host of Jeopardy!

“Alex Trebek was a fighter, a gentleman, and a legend. Just like many fans, I also enjoyed watching jeopardy growing up. I’m happy I got to meet the man. Sending love to Alex’s family. RIP”

Subban's tweet included a clip of Trebek, who was born in Sudbury, Ont. and spent the early part of his career on Canadian television. In it, Trebek playfully teases Subban, who was traded by the Canadiens in 2016.

“You heard what I said up there, I'm a Montreal Canadiens fan and you left the Canadiens,” Trebek says. “Alright, alright. Blame the team.”

Despite his Ontario roots, Trebek actually grew up as a Detroit Red Wings fan, according to an interview he gave NHL.com, mostly due to his love for Gordie Howe. But after Howe left the team, his allegiance switched to the Canadiens, who paid their own tribute after Trebek's passing on Sunday.



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