Pedestrians and cyclists be warned: end coming for Montreal's temporary paths

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By Billy Shields and Adam Kovac, CTV News Montreal

MONTREAL -- The weather in Montreal is changing and so is the way residents can expect to get around the city as the temporary bike and pedestrian paths have begun shutting down.

The sanitary corridors were initially set up to help Montrealers comply with physical distancing measures. A spokesperson for the city said options for the winter are being examined, though hurdles remain when it comes to safety and snow removal.

Velo-Quebec spokesperson Magalie Bebronne said creativity could lead to some possible solutions.

“One thing we can imagine is, for example, close some streets around school at the beginning and the end of the day to pick up and drop off kids and walk the rest of the way,” she said.

Severine Lepage, who lives near the Christophe Colombe path, said he's worried the closing of the corridor could lead to people bunching up and possibly spreading COVID-19.

“I worry that people are going to be stuck on the sidewalk. I mean, if you look right now, people are walking on the bike path and if they close that up people will be huddled together,” he said.  


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