Petition calls on government to cancel mandatory mask law


Just days before the mandatory mask law takes effect Saturday more than 56,000 Quebecers have signed a CHANGE.ORG petition calling on the Legault government to reverse its decision.

Berthierville resident Geneviève Sénécal, the petition sponsor,  argues that the science of wearing masks isn't consistent in its conclusions.

She cites several studies and says information provided by the Premier and the Public Health Director Dr. Horacio Arruda is often contradictory.

In addition to calling for the order to be rescinded, Sénécal contends that forcing people to wear a mask violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The Quebec Ombudsman issued a statement yesterday saying the government’s decision  was reasonable because wearing masks " aims to better protect the health and safety of citizens during the health crisis.”

Sénécal has called on her local MNA to present the petition in the National Assembly but says so far there has been no response.