Plant extract combo an anti-aging powerhouse, Concordia prof says

White willow bark and passion flower

A Concordia professor researching the anti-aging properties of plant extracts has discovered that they have an even more potent effect when two are taken together.  

For this round of research, Vladimir Titorenko tested various combinations of the six plant extracts he'd previously shown were individually effective at prolonging the lifespan of yeast cells. Yeast cells are considered a good stand-in for human cells.  

The Concordia biology prof discovered that when administered to the yeast cells in certain pairs, the extracts' anti-aging effects multiplied.  

White willow bark extract combined with passion flower extract was the most effective at prolonging cell life.  It pushed yeast cell lifespan from 2.5 days to 25. 

"The combination of these plant extracts signficantly magnified the anti-aging effect," he says of the synergy. 

Still, Titorenko hasn't yet started taking these extracts himself, even though they've long been approved for over-the-counter sale in Canada.

"No, not yet, no," he laughs, promising  "I will try.  Let's put it this way, I will try."

Titorenko's next step will be to look more closely at the active ingredients in each plant. .  


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