Police arrest one of the looters who targeted Steve's music store


Montreal police have arrested one of the looters who made off with guitars from Steve's music store after last Sunday's anti-racism protest downtown.

Montreal police say their counterparts in Roussillon recognized the suspect in a widely circulated photo that showed a man wearing a face covering making off with a red guitar and a blue guitar, one in each hand.

The Candiac man was picked up Tuesday afternoon at Ste Catherine and Mansfield downtown.

Steve's manager Jason Hart said the red guitar is still missing but police returned the blue guitar to them -  a note of apology was attached, though Hart wasn't impressed.

"It was only really after he got caught, via social media so...." said Hart in an interview with CJAD 800.

"People started to recognize who it was or whatever like that and just called him out on it from what I understand and he felt remorse and brought it back but if circumstances were different, then maybe not."

The accused faces charges of theft, breaking and entering and resale of stolen goods.

Hart said they're grateful for all the support from customers since the vandalism happened.

They'll be ready for the second anti-racism protest this Sunday.

"We might have a couple of staff, some managers stay in the store with some security - just inside the store, as a deterrent," said Hart.

Police will also be stepping up patrols.


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